Warranty Guarantee

Total Door Automation Australia Warranty Guarantee

5 Year Total Replacement Warranty on Industrial, Commercial and Gate Motors

10 Year Total Replacement Warranty on Residential Garage Door Openers


Please read this warranty card carefully. Attach your purchase receipt to this warranty card and keep in a safe place in the unlikely event of a warranty service being required.

TDA Australia Technical Support:  1800 AUSTDA

Email: admin@totaldoorautomation.com.au


Total Door Automation Australia is committed to manufacturing and supplying high quality products. As part of this commitment, we seek to provide reliable service and support for our goods and are pleased to provide you, the original purchaser, with this 5 Year Total Replacement Warranty.

Total Door Automation Australia warrants to the original purchaser of the TDA product (Unit) that:

All TDA Products (Unit) are free from defects in materials for a period of 5 Year from the date of purchase, Residential Garage Door Openers are free from defects in materials for a period of 10 Year.

During the applicable TDA Australia Warranty period, if you are concerned that the Unit may be defective, please call our Technical Support Team on 1800AUSTDA

TDA Australia will provide you with:

1.        Shipping instructions for replacement.

2.        Make sure the defective part or Unit is well-packaged and in accordance with TDA Australia‘s shipping instructions.

TDA Australia will, subject to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law with respect to major failures:

1.        In relation to the failure TDA product (Unit), ship to you a replacement at no cost.

2.        Replacement product (Unit) warranted for the remaining portion of the original warranty period.

This TDA Australia Warranty provides benefits that are in addition to your other rights and remedies as a consumer.


If our technician determines that a warranty claim is not in respect of a failure or defect arising under or out of any exclusion detailed below, we may, subject to your other rights and remedies as a consumer, charge you a fee to replace and/or return the Unit to you.

This TDA Australia Warranty does not cover any failure of, or defect in, the product (Unit) due to:

1.        non-compliance with the instructions regarding installation, operation, maintenance, and testing of the Unit or of any product with which the Unit is used;

2.        any attempt by a person other than an qualified install technician to change settings, repair, dismantle, reinstall or move the Unit to another location once it has been installed;

3.        use of the Unit in conjunction with controls which have not been supplied, or pre-approved, by TDA Australia;

4.         problems with, or relating to, the commercial/residential garage door or commercial/ residential garage door hardware, including but not limited to the door springs, door rollers, door alignment, hinges, guides, slats, and drums; or

5.        problems caused by electrical faults.

If our technician attends a claim for warranty on site and the fault is found to be the result of a non-warranty issue, TDA Australia reserves the right under these terms and conditions to charge the Customer TDA Australia’s the current rate for service calls as at the time of the service.

If this TDA Australia Warranty does not apply, you may have rights available to you under the Australian Consumer Law.


Except as set out in the Australian Consumer Law (being Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010) (as amended, consolidated, or replaced):

1.         all other guarantees, warranties, and representations in relation to the Unit or its supply are excluded to the extent that TDA Australia can lawfully exclude them; and

2.         under no circumstances will TDA Australia be liable for consequential, incidental or special damages arising in connection with the use, or inability to use, the Unit, other than those which were reasonably foreseeable as liable to result from the failure.

Note: We request that you retain your invoice as proof-of-purchase to enable you to establish the date of purchase in the unlikely event of a warranty service being required.